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The Jackets

The Jackets is a collection of short stories in which Liz DeJesus explores the connection between colors and emotions. Love unrequited, love fulfilled, and unrelenting reality crushing hopes and dreams are some of the experiences symbolized in the jacket colors that structure the rhapsodic explorations of the stages of love as experienced by young women.

Red is the color of love at first sight for Laura. Orange are the flames of passion for Mia. For Penelope, brown is the color of nature--of the ancient gods and their unfettered love-making. Each chapter explores a unique perspective: a writer trying to find her muse; a young woman trying to flee an abusive relationship; a cashier getting lost in the woods and finding more than she had ever bargained for.

In this intriguing blend of fiction and fantasy, the women in these stories hope for relationships, break out of them or find themselves involved with mythical gods and creatures. These fantastical pieces make for entertaining reading and give insight into young women's eternal search for romance.

DeJesus's style is direct and uncompromising. Her women are courageous and captivating. This book will be a page-turner for women at every stage of life.

Latina Authors & Their Muses


Ebook avaialable now! Print version will be released December 15th!


An inspirational, entertaining, and informative book focusing on the craft of writing and the practical business of publishing, one that provides aspiring authors with the nuts and bolts of the business.

The Laurel

In the caves of Olympus, the Moirae spin the strands of destiny while the gods play games with the lives of mortals.
When Zeus eyes the fair Leto, he takes her as his lover. She bears him the twins Apollo and Artemis, but her life is spent hiding from his jealous wife Hera, her heart longing to join the lover she can no longer have. As the twins age, Zeus gives them the gift of immortality, much to Hera’s frustration. Artemis, who has never forgotten the heartache Zeus caused her mother, leaves thoughts of love behind to live a solitary life. Her brother, Apollo, however, longs to find the one love with which to spend eternity. Upon spying the beautiful nymph Daphne by a river, he is captivated. As his infatuation grows, he believes he has finally found the one. Unbeknownst to Apollo, there are other games at play and people on the fringes of his life have plans of their own. Their actions will be the catalyst to an outcome that will teach the gods that there are some things over which even they do not have domain.

ZEA cover_edited.jpg
Zombie Ever After


Neve Blanche is a survivor. In her compound, The Orchard, she and her friends fight to stay alive while they work to find a cure to the deadly plague that walks the earth. Zombies. Zombies created and unleashed upon the world by her stepmother, Lila, in an obsessive attempt to retain her beauty.
Seven years earlier, Lila fled The Orchard, leaving it in chaos. Now she’s back to take the one thing she needs to perfect her beauty serum, the one thing she could never obtain in her time at The Orchard. The apples.
Locked away in the depths of The Orchard lie the apple trees, rare now to their world and protected by Neve. Lila will do anything in her power to finally get her hands on the apples.
Can Neve stop her before she and her friends become victims of Lila’s obsession?

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