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Learn about the alphabet from the mischievous vejigantes from Puerto Rican culture as well as the Spanish language in this vividly illustrated children's book!


Once a year, in the beautiful tropical island of Puerto Rico they celebrate the Fiestas de Santiago El Apostól.

The parade has four main characters: the vejigantes, the knights, the crazy women and the elders. The vejigante's are an important part of Puerto Rican tradition. The vejigantes' intention is to frighten people and compel them to go back to church for Lent. They wear long, colorful robes and brightly painted masks to cause mischief. Join them in the parade to see what antics they are up to in this fun children's book!

Revisit the vejigantes in the second edition of the book featuring NEW pages including a pronunciation guide for words illustrated throughout the book, as well as numbers!


ABCs With the Vejigantes won 1st place at the 2023 Delaware Press Association Communications Contest Awards and 1st place at the 2023 NFPW Professional Communications Contest.

Written by Liz DeJesus 

Illustrated by Amber Davis

For more information about Amber Davis please click here

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