Unexpected Spark is the combined studio of author Liz DeJesus and artist Kay Corbett. Liz DeJesus is a novelist, freelance writer, writing coach and a poet, she has several novels for purchase and signing. Kay Corbett is well known for her fairy and mermaid portraits. While typically working on private commission work, she has begun to branch out into book and comic related work.

Meet The MaCATrons


Coming soon! 

In the little town of Purris there are some lovely little creatures. They are called MaCATrons. They love to eat sweet treats, drink milk and play games!


The MaCATrons came from the vivid imagination of  Kay Corbett. She has teamed up with author Liz DeJesus and will have a book featuring these fun and sweet creatures.

© 2013 Liz DeJesus


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