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Would you like for Liz DeJesus to come to your library, school or bookstore and run a workshop? Here are some of the workshops Liz offers. Please email her at for more information and her fees.



Teen Writers Workshop


Some of you write because you are just natural storytellers and want to entertain people. Others want to express themselves. Discover who they are. Create worlds. There are many reasons to pick up a pen. Local author, Liz DeJesus will talk about creating memorable characters. Tips on plot, settings and how to get published. Plus fun exercises.




Grief and Creativity Workshop


Author Liz DeJesus (The Frost Series) brings us a new way to discover our creative outlets through our life experiences. 

A different journey to write, design, compose or however we can emphasize our strengths. 

Comic Book Writing Workshop


Join local author Liz DeJesus as she talks about her experiences writing comic books! Can’t draw? Not a problem! Writing and drawing often go hand in hand, and both are important parts of comic books. Learn tips on working with an artist, developing characters and more! 


There will also be fun exercises to help you jump start your very own comic book.  

Music and Writing Workshop



Liz DeJesus is at it again with a brand new workshop. She will talk about the benefits of music.  Did you know that songs and lyrics have ways to inspire ideas for stories and books? Liz will show you how to use music to give you an extra spark and unlock your creativity. 


There will also be fun exercises to help you jump start your very own story. All you need is an open mind, paper and a pen. 

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